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17 Ways to Have More Engaged Employees

Employee Engagement for this Holiday Season Will Bring Happier Customers

Boosting staff engagement during the intense holiday period can be tricky since they are also wrapped up in their year with holiday festivities.

So, here is a fun and effective way to maintain morale and productivity. For now, this list is more focused on inspiring productivity.

  1. Paid Time Off Competition: Organize friendly competitions, rewarding those who achieve a 15% increase from their usual sales numbers to win 1 day of PTO.

  2. Performance Improvement Rewards: Recognize employees who significantly improve their holiday work performance by offering a choice of bonuses or treats they can enjoy in January.

  3. Ugly Sweater Pic Contest: Host an "Ugly Sweater Day" where everyone does the most outrageous holiday sweaters they can find. Prizes are awarded for the best and worst sweaters. Additionally, if a customer picks an employee's sweater, the employee receives a reward.

  4. Role Exchange: Temporarily switch employees' roles for a day or a few days to appreciate the different job functions and gain new insights to improve each person's work.

  5. Clear Holiday Goals: Set holiday goals with clear, measurable targets and rewards for achieving them.

  6. Target Rewards List: Create a list of rewards and presents that employees receive when they reach their holiday sales targets.

  7. Performance-Based Salary Bump Up: Offer raises or salary bumps to employees who stand out and exceed their measurable goals during this holiday period. They get this temporary bump up from January to the next holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, when they have another opportunity to repeat the bump up.

  8. Employee of the Week: Implement a "Bragging Rights" program where employees nominate the top team player of the week and receive a reward.

  9. Holiday Check-Ins: Step up your communication and check in on your employees during the intense holiday period, showing you care and offering assistance when needed. Showing empathy increases employee engagement.

  10. Employee Wishlist: Allow employees to list the skills they want to improve or professional goals they wish to achieve. Create opportunities for them to sharpen these skills with the help of their colleagues.

  11. Innovation Initiatives: Encourage employees to share ideas, participate in innovation initiatives, and embrace the use of suggestion boxes during the holiday season to show appreciation for their input.

  12. Surprise Party Breaks: Reward your team with surprise 1hr- 2hr breaks when they exceed their daily sales goals by 30%. Do larger surprises to surpass even bigger sales targets.

  13. Flexibility Rewards: Offer incentives for covering shifts during the busy holiday period.

  14. Opportunities for Advancement: Remember, with an influx of work during this holiday period, promote from within the organization whenever possible, allowing employees to see a path to career advancement.

  15. Alignment with Company Values: Promote your company values more than ever during this time and remind your employees how they enjoy these values.

  16. Transparent Leadership: Demonstrate transparent and ethical leadership throughout the organization, emphasizing your reliance on and appreciation for their work during this busy period.

  17. Employee Networks: Encourage employees to participate in or lead affinity groups or networks that align with their interests or backgrounds. Offer rewards to those who promote your business to these groups.

By implementing these strategies, you can foster a more engaged workforce, leading to increased productivity, innovation, and overall job satisfaction.

Remember to execute these ideas enthusiastically, engage your team through various channels, and ensure they align with your brand's identity and values.

As always, I am here to help you create ridiculously loyal customers! So, message me, and let's get started


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