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Employees Are Your First Customers

The workplace trends of 'Quiet Quitting' and 'Coffee Badging' are currently wreaking havoc on business return on investment (ROI) and overall team morale.

Actively listening to bids can counteract these detrimental trends.

In the realm of business success, your employees aren't merely a workforce—they are your first customers. Recognizing and responding to their bids is the key to transforming your business dynamics.

Renowned relationship psychologist John Gottman discovered that the response to bids for attention is a critical factor in relationship success, predicting outcomes with 90% accuracy. This principle is equally applicable in the employer-employee dynamic.

Why Listen to Employee Bids?

Every effort, idea, or concern expressed by your employees is a bid for acknowledgment. Addressing these bids establishes an environment where employees feel genuinely valued.

Ignoring employee bids can lead to feelings of being unheard and undervalued, ultimately resulting in staff departures. This incurs financial costs and disruptions in operations, the need for training, and the hiring process.

The Solution: Embrace Effective Listening

Similar to valuing customer feedback, pay attention to your employees. Their bids provide valuable insights and contribute to a positive work atmosphere.

When employees feel heard, loyalty naturally ensues. Engaged employees are more productive, generate innovative ideas, and remain committed to your business.

Invest in Employee Satisfaction

Highly engaged employees can significantly boost revenue—up to 4.5x times more (Bain & Company, 2012). To avoid 'quiet quitting,' establish open communication and cultivate a culture where bids are actively encouraged.

Considering employees as customers and actively responding to their bids goes beyond preventing turnover; it's about nurturing a thriving workplace. Content and engaged employees are key contributors to your success.

In fact, a highly engaged employee has the potential to bring in revenue up to 4.5x times more (Bain & Company, 2012). Invest in your team, listen to their bids, and witness your business flourish.

As always I here to help you get ridiculously loyal customers so lets get to it!


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