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Got too many ideas for your business?

Lets organize your thoughts

It's easy to get lost while building your castle in the sky — the vision of what your business could become years down the line. Though, these dreams are important and they're the north star guiding your journey.

The most important step, is the first step is laying the first brick. That first brick represents the present — the essential, foundational work that paves the way for future success.

Here's how to bring your focus back to the ground (present moment) and start building, one brick at a time and transform your aspirations into actionable steps:

Step 1: Document Your Dreams

Write down everything you envision for your business's future, no matter how grand or scattered it may seem. This is about capturing the essence of your aspirations. Let it be a word vomit of everything that is making you excited and gives you that dreamy eye.

Example: You are a a doctor and have a clinic: You want to open a youtube page, open multiple locations, get a book deal, start doing email campaigns. Hire 2 more doctors, create automation systems for certain tasks etc.

Step 2: Organize Your Ideas

Categorize your ideas (marketing, product development, etc.)

Example: You are a doctor and have a clinic. You want to open a YouTube page (Marketing - Content), open multiple locations (Operations & Product Development), get a book deal (Product Development), start doing email campaigns (Marketing), hire 2 more doctors (Operations & Product Development), and create automation systems for certain tasks (Administration).

Step 3: Prioritize with Passion and Insight

Next, prioritize based on what genuinely excites you and aligns with your values - beyond the potential for fame or wealth. Do consider potential obstacles upfront and plan how to overcome them but don't let that stop you.

There are multiple ways to reach your goals but we want to make this journey is sustainable for you. Remove items on that your list that doesn't excite you and you feel it will be a drag. This may be scary, but trust yourself.

Step 4: Assess and Act

Evaluate where your business currently stands and decide which idea you can realistically start working on soon. This becomes your immediate focus - aka Phase 1. Reflect on successes like Sara Blakely’s Spanx, focusing on one product before expanding.

Example: Your phase 1 may be: Doing email campaigns (Marketing), hire 2 more doctors (Operations & Product Development)

Step 5: Build Momentum

After initiating your first step, plan what comes next. Consider how the success of Phase 1 can naturally lead to Phase 2, then to Phase 3, and so on. Be prepared to adapt based on feedback, finances, and analytics.


  • Phase 2: create automation systems for certain tasks (Administration) & Opening a YouTube page (Marketing - Content)

  • Phase 3: open multiple locations (Operations & Product Development),

  • Phase 4: get a book deal (Product Development)

Step 6: Stay Present

Commit to your immediate goals while keeping your long-term vision in mind. The journey from Phase 1 onward will not be linear. You'll face unforeseen challenges and will need to adapt. Regularly review your progress, be open to pivoting your strategies, and maintain resilience in the face of setbacks. You will need to learn from each step, success, or failure alike.

Networking and Community Support

Never underestimate the power of a strong network. Engage with fellow entrepreneurs, join industry groups, and seek coaches and mentors. These connections can offer invaluable advice, support, and opportunities for collaboration.

This journey from idea to execution involves planning, adaptability, and perseverance. Document your visions, prioritize passionately, and stay resilient in the face of challenges. Your entrepreneurial dream can be the next big success story with strategic steps and a supportive network.

Remember, it's not what you do but how you do it! Style supersedes everything!

As always I here to help you get ridiculously loyal customers so lets get to it!


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