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How Bad Ideas Will Make You Money

Why Bad Ideas Can Be a Brilliant Move for Your Company

Taking inspiration from one of my favorite ladies, Coco Mocoe, who discusses rising trends in the media industry - she did a whole video on why bad ideas work. [Here is the link.]

She goes on to explain how bad ideas can actually help a brand make millions, despite initially alienating some. But isn't that precisely the point? If your service or brand caters to everyone, it loses its unique flavor, and you won't attract those ridiculously loyal customers with a bland brand.

Many companies play it safe, too scared to step out of their lane. But sometimes, your brand needs a little shake-up to avoid becoming forgettable.

Let's be real; you are definitely not reading my blog just to stay mediocre and unremarkable.

I mean, do you remember this duo: Martha Stewart x Snoop Dogg?

These two couldn't be more different, but their collaboration worked! It even enhanced both of their personal brands!

So, gather your staff and engage in a brainstorming session of "Bad Ideas Only" to expand your company!

At the very least, you've got a fun bonding activity.

At best, you get a brilliant idea that brings in money 💰💰 along with a ridiculously BIG loyal customer base.

Give it a try and let me know about some of the cool, wacky ideas you came up with.

As always, I am here to help you create ridiculously loyal customers! So message me, and let's get started! 🚀💡


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