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How I Learned To Beat My Negative Self-Talk

It took me a while to start my business and even longer to start doing this newsletter. I knew what I wanted to do and knew I would be good at helping businesses like yours. Yet I couldn’t progress because a tall, scary wall full of doubts and limiting self-beliefs was in front of me.

Over and over again, people I looked up to told me, “You have to release your negative self-talk if you want to uplevel.” —> Um, who doesn’t want to uplevel in life?! I would love to knock that hideous wall of doubt like a wrecking ball in Miley Cyrus’s video! But HOW??? It is easier said than done.

Yet it was only when I met Althea from Creative Clearings who showed me HOW to release those negative self-talks! (Thank you, Althea!) I don’t gatekeep, so let me share a few of my favorite techniques in hopes it also works for you.

  1. What’s your story? Which story are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the past? Or are you living for the future version of yourself and who that person is?

  2. Writing it out requires a bit of effort and starts with being aware of the thoughts you whisper to yourself. Write those thoughts out and replace them with thoughts you prefer to have. Continue to repeat those positive thoughts in your head over and over again.

  3. Take back control: When you realize you are running through that negative thought loop, be a policeman, and with an aggressive STOP SIGN and COMMANDING VOICE, tell your brain to STOP. Tell yourself, “I am NOT repeating this.” Pause, drop those icky thoughts, then choose a thought you would like to have and carry on.

  4. Feel it. This is challenging, yet I promise you it is most effective for the long term. (I admit, this is sometimes hard for me too, but the reward is EPIC!) Feel the feelings associated with your thoughts. NOT the thoughts but the FEELINGS such as fear, doubt, or anxiety, all without judgment or story. Let it erupt like a volcano. Be raw with it. Once you give the space to be raw with that emotion, you can move forward. Don’t worry; it doesn’t take that long.

I am curious to know, what are your hacks for dealing with limiting negative self-talk?

BTW if you want to dive deep into your internal psyche and heal fast from internal issues -- book a session with Althea Montgomery. Click here! <-- She is GOLD!


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