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How I learned to reengage with past non-returning customers….

Do you have a large database of customers, yet, only a tiny percentage % of those are regular returning customers?

I, too, have been. During my time as a realtor, I felt that 37% of my clients would go quiet on me, which was soooo aggravating. It felt like a double edge sword. On the one hand, I had a bunch of clients I interacted with and remained in contact with, but only a few genuinely engaged with me.

Thankfully, I learned a trick that really helped me out! Instead of assuming what my dormant (low activity) clients wanted, I asked them for their opinion. They had some great ideas, and I even used their feedback in my marketing content. By doing this, I showed my clients that I valued their input, and it encouraged others to speak up too. And guess what? Those dormant clients ended up becoming some of my biggest supporters! They referred new clients to me, and one of them even helped me land a $6m listing! The takeaway? If you're not hearing from your dormant clients, you're not speaking their language. So go ahead and reach out to them directly, try to understand their needs, and see how you can make them come back. You might be surprised at what you learn! #clientfeedback #customerengagement #businessgrowth

I thought I would share my experience in hopes that it helps you. So please message me, I would love to hear how you implicated this strategy and if you got any results from it!


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