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How to Overcome the Revolving Door of New Customers! 🚪

The most common solution is offering a deal via Groupon or other discount sites.

While that may bring in initial traffic if only a fraction of those customers stick around afterward, most of them came through the door because of the PRICING, not because of the VALUE you give them.

Let's say you have a hydrafacial deal for new customers. Many medical spas offer hydra facials.

Why should someone choose your spa over another spa that's offering a similar deal?

First, you need to ask yourself, do your customers know USP (unique selling proposition)? How overtly obvious is it to the first-time customer? If it isn't, then redesign your customer experience to showcase this.

Your customer experience should be incredible from the moment they book an appointment with you to the aftercare!

You need to create an atmosphere that makes them feel like they are Kim Kardashian coming to your spa and have never had a facial before. This is the mindset you need to have when designing your customer experience.💖🌟

If you're still unsure about the power of customer experience, remember this:

“Jeff Bezos spent 100 times more on improving the customer experience than he did on advertising in Amazon's first year of business.”

🚀Because of that, he forever changed customers' expectations! You, too, can have a wildly successful business with the right customer experience strategies. 🌟💼

Want to learn more? Book a discovery call with me, and let's get your business rolling with customers and revenue. 💪📞


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