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How To Successfully Employee The Younger Generations!

The challenge of retaining younger employees in an increasingly youthful workforce is growing; there is adisconnect between employee desires and employer offerings.

Thankfully, Liana Hakobyan, co-founder of Breedge, a recruiting company, shared some insights into what the younger generation wants.


Not As Important

Professional Development - they want a job where they can grow and learn daily

Location of Office - They find productivity in commute time.

Team - they want to be around mentors and leaders

Company’s Brand - They just don't care.

Salary - they know their value

Job Security - they aren't afraid of risks

Job Content

Personal Branding - not a priority for them

Company Culture - they want to enjoy being at work

Perks & Benefits

As Hakobyan puts it, "Generation Z doesn't want jobs; they want life experiences." Generation Z and even younger Millennials view their careers as a game – they come to work to collect points and continually level up. They will only stay at a job until they find something better.

To attract and retain young talent, consider these questions:

  1. Is our company a place where people want to work and spend more time? If not, what needs to change?

  2. How do I convey that job content is crucial for their company's growth and future careers?

  3. Are we fully utilizing our employees' potential? Do they have innovative ideas to contribute?

  4. Does our branding align with our employees' values and aspirations?

    • This is tricky. Why should employees care if the brand is about"treat you like family"? If they acquire skills that make people comfortable and supported, it is a soft skill that makes them more marketable in different industries and personal life.

When your team is passionate and appreciated, they become brand ambassadors, bridging the gap between your company's values and your customers. This connection is a potent catalyst for attracting new customers and building ridiculously loyal ones as well! 😉


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