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How YOU Can Create Easy, Irresistible Offers to your Customers (pt 1)

Remember those late-night infomercials? They'd sell exercise gear, promising instant weight loss. They'd pitch results, benefits, and repeat. Towards the end, urging you to buy, they'd shower free add-ons, slashing the price every 10 seconds. The deal was so good you had to say yes fast due to the time pressure. Ahh, the glory days of advertising persuasion!

So how can to use those '90s tactics for your packages? Let's take Alex Hormozi's "Contagious" cues and craft a ridiculous offer your customers can't refuse!

For this example, we will use the medical spa I previously worked with, but this can easily be applied to any service package!

Step 1: Identify the Core Product and Give It a Stage Name:

  • Product: Cellulite Treatment via Accent Prime Ultrasound - requires six sessions for good results.

  • Stage name: Dimple-Free Confidence Boost Package

    • Label all your packages in a fun or result-oriented way to create that spark of delight.

Step 2: Present the Anchor Price Before the Bonuses:

Original: The package for six sessions is $1200. Buy it now, get it for $1,020. A $180 discount!


If they're on board, hit them with those bonus fireworks. If not, sprinkle more charm by tossing in bonuses. Stack those bonuses high and watch the walls of resistance crumble, thanks to the law of reciprocity. "Wow, they're going all out for me!"


Voila! See how big the difference is. Think how easy it will be to sell this product now and count how many of your customers will buy it!

Next week, I will explain why offering more in your packages won't hurt your overhead budget!

Your comments mean a lot to me. Let me know how you made your deals ridiculously easy for your customers to buy!


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