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What is a CRM and Why Do I Need a Fancy CRM?

It surprises me that many clients haven't embraced a formal CRM system, essentially a customer retention management database. Some believe their business is too small for such "fancy" databases. Yet, investing in a good

CRM system can significantly simplify your life when it comes to nurturing your clients, and as you know, we're all about ease!

So, here's why you absolutely MUST have a proper CRM:

Stay Top of Mind:

Research indicates it takes an average of 11 interactions, 7 hours of cumulative time, and exposure to 4 locations for a customer to truly remember a brand (Dent Global, Priestley). With CRM, you can effortlessly track every interaction and touchpoint to ensure consistent communication, driving both brand recall and customer loyalty.

Gain a Full Picture Outlook:

A CRM system serves as a centralized hub for all customer information, saving valuable time and ensuring seamless engagement. It provides insights into returning customers and their spending patterns. Plus, it enables effective segmentation and tailored marketing for personalized experiences.

Streamline Sales Processes:

CRM automates tasks and provides insights into your sales pipeline, freeing up time to focus on growing the business and optimizing operations.

Make Informed Decisions for Scalability and Growth:

It lays the groundwork for scalable growth, offering valuable insights into customer behavior and sales performance. This enables you to identify trends, seize growth opportunities, and propel your business forward.

In a nutshell, CRM is a valuable tool for small business owners seeking to build stronger connections and increase brand recall.

But here's the important part: don’t spend weeks searching for the perfect CRM.

Focus on tracking the essentials:

  1. Contact information

  2. Lead Source - how they came into your sphere

  3. Customer Profile - frequency of engagement

  4. Sales Stage - current stage in the sales process

  5. Date of Last interactions

  6. Last interaction via - social, phone, or email

  7. Ongoing notes on the customer

  8. Integration capabilities with other platforms, with or without Zapier (a connecting software)

My Top Favorite CRM

  1. Streak - I have been using this for years. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail, offering features like email tracking, mail merge, and customizable workflows.

  2. HubSpot - Easy for first-time CRM users and scalable as your business grows, HubSpot offers tools for marketing, sales, and customer service in one platform.

  3. Salesforce - Great if you want something more heavy-duty. Used by both large and small businesses, Salesforce provides extensive customization and advanced features like AI-driven insights and robust third-party app integration.

"Remember, it's not what you do but how you do it! Style supersedes everything!

As always, I am here to help you get ridiculously loyal customers, so let's get to it!"


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