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Why keeping your Secret Sauce hidden is hurting your business! #Law of Abundance

I am a big proponent of the law of abundance. There are several definitions, but here is my favorite version:

  • The law of abundance states there is an unlimited source of everything we need available to all of us, at all times. As a result, the fear of loss is not a threat to your well-being. Your success is determined by our skill and willingness to create opportunities for ourselves. There will always be another...

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry so much about sharing your "secret sauce", “unique method”, or “grand idea". In fact, keeping it hidden may be limiting your business growth.

Keep in mind that if you tell a group of people what you do, only half of them will actually listen, and of those, only a tiny portion of that group actually do it. Yet, no matter what, it won’t be exactly the way you do it.

Story Time:

Let's use the example of Sarah Wells, a talented skincare expert with a unique facial regimen that yields long-lasting results. Initially, Sarah guarded her method like a closely held secret, fearing that sharing it would diminish her competitive edge in the market.

However, after attending a networking event where she met other professionals in her field, she decided to share her approach with a select few. One of the attendees, Lisa, was intrigued by Sarah's technique and decided to implement it in her own spa. However, Lisa modified the method slightly to suit her clientele's needs. Soon enough, Lisa's clients were raving about the results, and she credited Sarah's inspiration for the innovation.

Rather than feeling threatened, Sarah embraced this as a validation of her expertise. She recognized that by sharing her knowledge, she not only helped others but also enhanced her reputation as a pioneer in the industry. Clients began seeking her out specifically for her original approach, leading to increased demand for her services.

By adopting an abundance mindset, Sarah transformed potential competitors into collaborators, expanding her reach and influence in the skincare community. She understood that true success isn't about hoarding knowledge but about fostering a culture of sharing and growth.

Even if others replicate your work (with or without credit), remember that you are the original creator; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Embrace this as an opportunity to solidify your position as an innovator and enhance your brand's reputation.

Life is meant to be abundant, and in this evolving world, letting go of the fear of competition or idea theft can propel you further toward success."

Remember, it's not what you do, but how you do it! Style supersedes everything!

As always I here to help you get ridiculously loyal customers so lets get to it!


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