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Your Secret Weapon That Big Box Companies Can’t Compete With!

Ever wondered why you instantly connect with someone from your hometown while traveling?

That's the magic of the Leveraging the Unity Principle by Robert Cialdini.

The Unity Principle, as Cialdini puts it, is our natural inclination to trust and feel connected to those who share our backgrounds, experiences, or identities.

This Unity Principle is one of your GREATEST SECRET WEAPONS against the competition. Even the Big Corporations can’t compete with this!

In today’s day of age, people are starving for unity and belonging. Your business can fill that void! Here are two things you must do to take advantage of your secret weapon!

  1. Share Your Story: We are hardwired to bond over stories. So tell your customers your story! When customers learn about your journey, struggles, and hardships in creating this company, they will instantly feel a kinship with your company. Make sure to share your story everywhere!

  2. Let your customer’s interests be your interests. Look at the database of your customers. What are some commonalities that is beyond where they live and how can you take up more space in their life?

    1. Do they all work in the area? If so, create a special deal for their companies as a team bonding event and let your customer be the one to sell it to their bosses.

    2. Are most of your clients influencers and models? Create a monthly event where they can all come together to get treatments and exchange industry tips with each other. Bonus: if you can make the events look slightly lavish, they can post all about it.

    3. Are most of your client's mothers? Create a monthly event where you have a nanny/babysitter to watch the kids while the mothers bond with each other and enjoy their treatments in peace.

As you can see, there is myriad ways to uncover commonalities and bring clients together. The key ingredient is consistency; you need to do it regularly to form a community bond.

Remember, this is one area that big box companies cannot compete with. If you can excel in this, you will have a plethora of ridiculously loyal customers.

Want help on how to create your community of ridiculously loyal customers? Send me a message I am here to help!


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